What Makes Us Unique

Triangle is a tech-enabled, rapidly-mobilizing group of expert investigators, responding to any and all misconduct complaints from workplaces and other organizations.



Triangle provides best-in-class investigations experience.

• Decades of investigations experience in high-profile corporate organizations and law enforcement

• Diverse investigators who understand the sensitive approach needed for misconduct investigations

• First-of-its kind tech platform, Telli, which allows individuals to register misconduct complaints via an easy-to-use phone app

What We Do

Triangle offers a suite of customizable, bespoke investigation services
that speak to today’s issues. 

Triangle offers a full suite of customizable investigation services designed to speak to today’s issues, in today’s on-demand world. Triangle’s tech-focused model is ideal for any workplace or organization, including restaurants, hotels, and other decentralized organizations.

Triangle also provides policy consulting services, designing clear and concise policy statements to ensure that your team is well-informed as to existing standards of conduct. Additionally, Triangle offers engaging, interactive trainings on a variety of topics, including anti-sexual harassment training, anti-discrimination training and more both in-person and remotely. Triangle's full suite of services are offered in New York State and across the nation.



Policy Writing



Triangle created a unique, rapid-response method for receiving and handling misconduct allegations.

Today’s current conversations regarding sexual harassment and other misconduct in organizations requires those in charge to ensure that there is a consistent and rapid response to allegations of misconduct. And that’s where Triangle’s complimentary app, Telli, comes in – a user submits a claim regarding misconduct via the Telli app, at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Triangle will instantly receive the claim and begin conducting the investigation.


Telli is the future of misconduct reporting.


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