Triangle Investigations offers a suite of customized, bespoke investigation services that speak to today’s issues & today’s cultural conversation about misconduct in workplaces and other organizations.



Whether sexual harassment or other misconduct, Triangle offers internal investigations services on an individualized, case-by-case basis, and also offers long-term contracting arrangements in order to assure you that we will always be here when you need us. Telli™, Triangle’s innovative, free, and first-of-its-kind app, provides an easy-to-use and automatically accessible reporting channel for employees or individuals at any organization (i.e.: colleges, schools, clubs, religious groups) to make an allegation of misconduct. Here’s how it works: an individual making an allegation of misconduct completes a simple and brief reporting questionnaire via the Telli app, installed on their phone. Once this form is completed and submitted by the reporting party via the app, the team at Triangle is immediately notified and swiftly kicks into action—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—to launch a timely and exhaustive investigation on behalf of the client.

The usage of the Telli app is complimentary for all Triangle client organizations. The team at Triangle offers their full suite of services both in New York State and across the nation. Triangle’s full suite of services--employee anti-sexual harassment training, anti-sexual harassment policy writing, and investigations work--ensures New York State employers’ compliance with New York State’s newly-enacted Sexual Harassment Prevention Laws.


Triangle Investigations is composed of a diverse group of expert investigators

Triangle Investigations is composed of a diverse group of expert investigators who are uniquely suited to sensitively address misconduct allegations related to matters of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexuality, and sexual harassment. The advantages of hiring Triangle and utilizing the complimentary Telli app are numerous. You enjoy the benefits of the risk management function that Triangle serves, and the efficiency of the rapid-response system provided by the Telli app assures you that potentially damaging allegations are being handled discreetly, expediently, and thoroughly. Additionally, the individual registering the misconduct complaint via the Telli app is assured that the investigation is being handled in a serious, careful, and thoughtful manner by a diverse group of expert investigators.


Triangle's diverse team of lawyers and investigators along with our proprietary Telli app ensures that your organization is covered from all angles.

The Triangle Method

Whether you need a one-time investigation or our full suite of services, we are here to help protect your organization, your people, and your bottom line.


Workplace and Organization Investigations

  • Triangle conducts timely, sensitive, comprehensive investigations into allegations of misconduct. Triangle provides a conclusion of findings to the party who made the initial report and also to key organization stakeholders. Triangle offers investigations as part of a long-term contractual relationship or on a case-by-case basis.

Rapid Response Services via the Telli App

  • Triangle offers monitoring and rapid response services 365 days a year to monitor incoming submissions from the Telli app, which is free for all employees and organization members.
  • First contact with the claimant is initiated within 24 hours of submission of the claim.

Employee and Individual Training

  • Triangle offers in-person, interactive, and highly-engaging training sessions for employees and organization members regarding best practices for conduct in the workplace and organization (includes both specific anti-sexual harassment training, as well as customized employee trainings).

Policy Writing/HR Consulting

  • Triangle offers customized policy-writing for a wide range of relevant matters and issues occurring in today’s workplace and organizations. Policy-writing topics include are but not limited to: anti-sexual harassment policies, anti-harassment and discrimination policies, general code of conduct policies, social media policies, and confidentiality policies.

How Telli Works

Telli is a reporting app that Triangle Investigations developed to facilitate rapid responses to allegations of misconduct. It is free to download for all employees and organization members, and is utilized as a part of our "Rapid Response" package offering.



Individual submits a claim regarding alleged misconduct via the Telli app, installed on their phone.



Triangle provides rapid response services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for monitoring incoming claims from the Telli app. Triangle is immediately notified upon submission of a claim.



Triangle's investigative team contacts the reporting party within 24 hours of receiving the complaint, establishing a framework for conducting the investigation.



Within 72 hours of interviewing the reporting party, Triangle's investigative team provides the client with an investigative roadmap of next steps to be taken in order to perform a sensitive, thoughtful, and comprehensive investigation. Triangle conducts the investigation.



At the conclusion of the investigation, Triangle provides results and findings to the reporting party and to key organization stakeholders.


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